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Our Story

Kids Are First Fundraising of Corona, California, is a family owned business started in 1988. It is one of the only companies in the United States owned and operated by teachers. The founders, Don and Shirley Zink, have had the overwhelming desire to make each school the most money possible while giving the children an even more important message.

Now after 34 years of amazing service, Tami and Troy Duncan, each with 20 years of experience come forth as second generation owners, with new energy and a revived mission to make a difference for all children. Part of this new mission is to continue the legacy of Don and Shirley Zink with amazing fundraising programs, integrating important character education components to the fundraising experience. But also a commitment to more holistic products with less environmental impact, more American made products and mindfulness principles in our service, programs and interactions. Look at some of the amazing programs we have done in the past and we look forward to bringing much more in the future.

Every program has been built around a theme with powerful values for the children, i.e.,

"Hugs not Drugs"
"Simon Says"
"Building America 's Future"
"Special Thoughts for Better Living"
"The Bully-free Zone"
"Be a Buddy not a Bully"
"Simple Acts of Care & Kindness"
"Kid Power"

Each program conveys special messages to help build the self-esteem of children and to empower them to make the world a better place.

Our overall theme for the last few years has been "The Bully-free Zone" because bullying is a major problem in our schools. Over 160,000 children stay home from school each day - afraid of being bullied - and it's the 3rd largest cause of teen suicide. We need to stop this epidemic, starting with our elementary schools.

Our program has focused on helping children understand what to do if they are being bullied or are witnessing someone else being bullied.

We believe that all children have needs to give and to receive kindness; to be noticed and to recognize others; to be appreciated and to appreciate others. It is our desire to give the teacher some unique tools to help the children understand these values.

"Be a Buddy - not a Bully"

Educators have given our fundraising programs wonderful support. Over 90% of the schools we work with set all-time profit records while having a positive effect on our children.

Just think, together we can take proactive steps with your school to encourage positive change for students, classrooms, communities and society.